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    Forest resources is one of the three major resources, is closely related to human life, ecological environment for human survival. Forest products is the use of forest resources, by physical, chemical methods were processed and refined products, it maintains the natural characteristics of the substance, and favored by people. Products from the green resources, the less pollution, good safety. Forest chemical products are mainly rosin, turpentine, pine tar, charcoal, activated carbon, extract, LAC, furfural, alcohol, yeast, camphor, aromatic oil, wood pulp and so on. Involved in a wide range of chemical products, products widely used in chemical industry, light industry, daily chemical, medicine, paint, oil, metallurgy, textile, coal, transportation, aquaculture and other industries. Forest chemical products of rosin, camphor, aromatic oil is an important export goods, to earn foreign exchange for the country. Utilization of forest resources and forest products development, which can not only improve the comprehensive utilization rate of forest resources, turning waste into treasure, but also the prosperity of the economy in mountainous areas, to create wealth for the people in mountain area, improve people's lives, the development of China's national economy, which plays an important role in the realization of socialist modernization.



    The forest resources are inexhaustible, not taking off forest products raw material, it can be naturally reproductive growth, can also artificial breeding. The rapid increase of population on the earth, the deterioration of the environment, people all think of returning to the nature of Taoyuan life, green products are halal enjoyment. The forest is a young and fast development of the industry, its product because of its security is better as a cause for concern, and the forest has a broad future.


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